1DCutX - Length Cutting Add-in for Excel

1DCutX - Length Cutting Add-in for Excel 1.1

Length cutting optimization add-in for Microsoft Excel to cut linear stocks
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1DCutX is the length cutting optimization add-in for Microsoft Excel. It finds how to cut one-dimensional (1D) linear stocks (bars, pipes, beams, wires, etc.) in order to minimize the material waste and the cost without leaving Microsoft Excel. It reads the spreadsheets, performs the optimization and generates the detailed report and the graphical layouts instantly within the same workbook.

The major features of 1DCutX
1. Provides 10-20% of linear material savings.
2. High calculation performance. The most of optimizations are done in less than a second.
3. No mess with import/export/save/load any extra files - everything is stored within a workbook and it practically eliminates any errors due to incorrect import/export.
4. Supports waste or both waste and cost minimization.
5. Saw kerf (thickness) support. Cutting produces the gap between parts that shrinks the result part sizes by a saw thickness.
6. Control cut-offs (waste parts) size. Some cutting machines are unable to make a cut on tiny pieces, because of hardware restrictions, like cutting several millimetres from the wood beam.
7. Incomplete optimization. In some cases the supply of the stocks is limited and all parts cannot be cut from them.

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